30 Jan 2012


Not sure where but 2yr old niece has learnt the word “maga”, probably from some hindi-to-kannada-horribly-translated-advertisement

Yesterday we had few dignitaries at home, one being principal of prestigious Medical College for lunch. They were all praises for 2 years old; that she is very active, brilliant & kept pinching her cheeks as often as possible. Lunch done, when they were about to take leave, the kid shouts “bye maga” to him.

Not sure if any of his students had guts to call him that & I am very sure he’ll remember this child for many more years to come.

20 Jan 2012

Friday The 13th - 2

 “I told you guys. Now what do we do”, Tilak was shivering


“It was not our fault you idiot. That man, out of no where popped on the road. I just couldn’t control the car. & moreover studying “Signals & Systems” subject whole night had my brain fucked”, Sanjay mumbled.


“Lo eg yenro madodhu. What are we supposed to do? I am still young; I don’t want to go to jail. I told you all, bloody lets prepare tea at room anta where will you guys listen? That dumb vehicle had to give haath with the head lights today only? Arghhh I feel like crying man crying”, Dilip was in tears. Almost.


“Guys chill. It was pitch dark & I am sure that man wouldn’t have noted down the vehicle number. Also there was no one around; there is no way the police can spot us. As far as I checked the car there was no damage. Let’s watch some TBBT please”


Story till now


“No major things on spot sahebre”, replied Madevu


“How can you guys not find anything near the spot?”, my anger knew no bounds. It frustrates me when people cannot do their work correctly. Not doing work at all would still be a good category, but doing it in a bad way bugged me the most


I was on my way to the accident spot is when I saw that the man had two kids; one 10ish & the other 7ish; a boy & a girl. Too bad I thought; but destiny, who’d know the marma behind that, it shocks you more surprises you very less.


My driver Devappa was reading “taranga”. Oh sweet lord, what is about this guy, why does he have to read such fortnightlies? Magazines like “Sudha”, “Taranga” according to me were for three groups –


One - who traveled every day by bus/train, they would pick it up for time pass. This category actually never read the magazine; they flip through the photos or pictures to spend time.


Two – who were the adventurous “we want something new” ladies, like trying new recipe or putting a new rangoli or doing padhabandha while the chapathi got burnt.


Three – some one who only read “agony aunt” section, as in whose sex life is dull, what are the various problems teens have, how the widow is having an affair with a married man, yeah trust me there are people who would read only this section of the magazine.


Not sure what category this man whom I spend most of my day with was looking for. We reached the accident spot; the road was re-tarred recently & had no pot-holes for the 100mts stretch. I saw lot of tier marks, but the most prominent one being of a 4-wheelar probably of the hard & sudden brakes the driver had to apply.


“Have you taken a pic of these marks?”


Hoon sahebre, clicked”, said Madevu


He was right, my staff. I couldn’t find anything interesting in the nearby vicinity. I walked almost 100 steps towards the main road. Still negative, nothing!


“B report sir, why so much trouble”, driver repeated himself.


I sighed. . . . .

19 Jan 2012

Iron Leg

It’s all about stars. Yeah, STARS, you read correctly. Not the ones behind whom you run for an autograph or photograph & within seconds upload the pic on FB, not those stars people. Your stars, nimma nakshathra that make your raashi, kula, gothra yada yada.


I don’t see a point about “your day today”, that astrologer keeps saying “you will get money, you will get money” since 3 months, bleedy my bank balance is 2 digits by 5th of every month. What this astrologer failed to predict was about this shaNi of mine, one which is not hovering over my head but on my foot, I call it “meT shaNi” or the “Foot shaNi”.


If you know me personally, you will know how tall I am, which is why I am never permitted to wear heels. This was the first phase of the shaNi, not letting me wear what I like, high heels; due to which my wardrobe (the ones in the verandah like railway boogie) only contains flats. They are so flat that you can call me “Down to Earth” person; had the urge to call myself maNNina magaLu but no, I’d rather be my appa’s daughter only.


If you know me a little extra personally, you will also know how big my feet are, dad calls them “Devil’s feet”, I choose to differ, see people who were responsible to genes I am made up of have no rights to comment. & if they have to, they should comment on their gene mix-up not otherwise. Coming back, the feet are big; big as in the mid-foot is broad preventing me from wearing a certain style of footwear that involves semi-circle shaped thread that fits the mid-foot. My enquiries for footwear start from “slippers thorsi – last size”, I am lucky if I get any else life & leg have to move on, which is the next phase of the shaNi.


Just when I had lost hopes, shop near “Shivrampet, Mysore” or ones from “Dasara exhibition”, err basically “2 pairs for 300 bucks” types started flourishing, life was beautiful again. I was delighted with the concept, I could have as many as I wanted because they are cheap, as many colors I wanted coz they are cheap; they are stylish & again coz they are cheap. Feet were kicking only till the first incident. The shaNi kaaTa had officially started.


I was happily walking with my Pati who was then my fiancée & that was our first date. This is what I like, this is what I don’t like, I spoke & spoke, the man was just listening & behold slipper broke. So did my ego. I mean imagine myself chit-chatting with my to-be-husband with total class & this happens, meT shaNi was laughing at me. We had to cancel off the date, Pati says now that it was nature’s way of telling him “ee huDgi na, beDa!!!” Nonsense!


The saga continued. We were in Bangalore, booked tickets to “Raavan” & were late; I was running to the theatre & behold slipper cuts. No no, we did not cancel the movie, this time though I was prepared; I took Pati’s kerchief & tied around my leg & slippers like as if I was wounded. Once the movie was done, went to a slipper shop next to the theater & bought a pair. “I will wear the new ones, don’t pack”, I told the shop-keeper. He kept asking me where my old slippers were so that he will pack the same, & I ignored. He did give me weird looks when he saw me leaving the old slippers, may be he assumed his shop was a “bomb target”.


Anyhoo, it happened in office as well & thanks to Pav, I did not have to take leave just because of shaNi & his mischief. She had a pair in her car & the same was worn till EOD. Latest it was on the annual day, the biggest day where I had to receive award on stage, that day my slipper worth 1200 bucks had to cut? & what did I do? Sent Pati back home & to get another pair. I can imagine how MIL would have fumed that her son had to carry slippers to the daughter-in-law. & nature would have again laughed at Pati “see I told you ee huDgi beDa anta”.


Every one says “shaNi meTkonDide” but in my case it is “meT shaNi”. Not sure what homa or havan I’ll have to perform. But until then “Kaal”-aaya tasmai namaha.



17 Jan 2012

Agni mattu maLe

I had heard a lot on how “Agni mattu maLe” as a novel by Girish Karnad is “against Indian Culture”, but had never got a chance to read it, thanks to Bahuroopi Festival at “RangayaNa” witnessed it live yesterday. It is a tale of deception and passion, very true. This was staged by naTana, under the able leadership of Mandya Ramesh. Everyone in the play is dishonest & has filthier intentions except two people in love, play has following characters

Raibhya – Old man who has two sons Puravasu & Aravasu
Raibya’s dead brother has a son – Yavakri
Vishaka – wife of Puravasu who before marriage was in love with Yavakri
Nithiley – love of Aravasu
Puravasu – Sage who is performing a yaga to get rain for the village
Demon – illegitimate son of Raibhya born out of Rakshasi mother

Play starts as someone seeking permission from “Puravasu”, to stage a play, where “Aravasu”, (one who carries the play along) wants to be a part of. Then there is a play-in-a-play concept (yes much before there was inception). Aravasu the Brahmin boy loves Nithiley the tribal girl, between the consequences of their love, Vishaka sleeps with Yuvakri (who just returned after meeting lord Indra after vigorous tapasya) found out by her father-in-law “Raibya” who gives shaapa to “Yavakri” that he will die in the hands of “Demon”.

Vishaka runs to inform Yavakri, but soon realizes that he tricked her to sleep with him just to irk his “Doddappa” & to kill him. Vishaka after knowing his misdeed spills the magical water he has to save himself from the demon & thus demon kills Yavakri. Aravasu is entrusted the task to provide final rights to Yavakri due to which he misses his chance to meet Nithiley’s father in time to seek her hand for marriage. She is now someone else’s fiancée.

Puravasu who is performing a yaga since 7 years for rain comes home after hearing his wife’s affair, when she confronts to him that her father-in-law is targeting her for his wrong intentions, he kills his dad. He asks Aravasu to do the final rights as he has to get back to the yaga.

Few days later when Aravasu visits the yaga, Puravasu tells everyone that Aravasu killed his father & makes sure his brother is beaten to death by the villagers. But he is rescued by Nithiley who has run from home to be with Aravasu. Aravasu’s only hope being Nithiley is also killed, by her husband for leaving him, & just when world comes crashing down on Aravasu, Indra arrives & says he will grant a boon. Aravasu is torn between asking Nithiley’s life or Demon’s moksha, but finally chooses the later. The play ends with villagers dancing to the rain.

I fell in love with “Aravasu”, both the character & the person who portrayed that character. The play lasted for 2.5hrs never losing its charm or boring the audience. Vanaranga is an open-air stage, but none cared the cold temperature. Its astonishing how none of these characters every made a slightest slippage, in terms of dialogues or flow of events in spite of being in different occupations all of them pursue their passion of theatre. 

Bahuroopi National theater festival is held in "Rangayana" for a week long, & the tickets are very reasonable too. Do make a visit if you are a movie enthusiast, none of the plays will disappoint.

16 Jan 2012

Film: Sidhlingu

Finally, movie has released. I guess everyone from “GuruprasadpaaLya carry this ego stating “Directors are the only people who toil hard in the movie rest just do a time pass”, one more entry to this list is “Vijayaprasad” – director of the movie “Sidhlingu”. Thanks to his nonsense, movie got delayed almost a year & when everything was finally in place, he ruins it by dirty climax. Its like somehow he has to end the movie & he does, read on how.


Movie has an introduction in “YedheLu Manjunatha” style, “Sidhlingu” loves car since he was a “haalu kuDiyo magu”. He is a normal huDga who plays pranks against his enemy gang, but when the gang leader comes to school in car, befriends her. Before his reel love changes into real love, the girl takes ticket in a car accident.


Next phase “Sidhlingu” is in college, taking drop from “always taruNiAnDalamma. She is waiting for her husband in “Maddur” railway station, like she knows he will come in train only. In between, one-day trips happen & so does “that akasmika” where “Sidhlingu” loses his V. Just then he also loses his parents & decides to move to “Bangalore”.


He is now a soap selling salesman who still hasn’t let go his dreams of having a car. One day he reads that a particular vintage car is for sale & meets “Pasha” uncle who lives alone coz his wife died & son is now a rowdy. Introduction song in “Puneeth’s” voice is peppy, just that it has to be in one loop. “Pasha” uncle gives many tests to see if his car will be taken “care” & finally is ok with selling to “Sidhlingu”. Our hero starts accumulating money, & in this process meets “MangaLa”, school teacher Ramya. “Yellello oDuva manase” is one of the best songs of 2012 so far & the way it has been shot is awesome, gives “ee sanje yaakagide” feel.


With much difficulty, Sidhlingu buys the car & start title track which is the only song that has been shot spending some amount of money. Not outdoor locations mind you, but with the help of graphics & foreign huDgis. “Pasha” uncle dies leaving a document to hero & asking him open on a particular date. Meanwhile “Sidhlingu” proposes with “mobile ge sim card haakilla” dialogue to “MangaLa” & gets slapped. Start *chombo chombo* song, this again is played in loop. Shows how the director did not want the music director to take away accolades.


“Sidhlingu” opens the document & sees “Form 29”, goes to RTO, sees anDalamma & loses the form. Pasha’s rowdy son has registered a complaint in the police station that his dad’s car is lost, & police arrest “Sidhlungu” as he is unable to show any documents. Car is surrendered to rowdy son, but good police staff, know that hero is of no fault & asks a thief to steal the car, thereby giving the car back to hero. But within no time, car is seized & “mangaLa” wants to show “kaDlekaayibeeja”, hence a big fight erupts between, hero, police & rowdy.


Police uncle shoots rowdy but it hits “MangaLa”. Movie end. It’s so abrupt. With such a lovely story, two awesome people acting in the movie, it is very bad for the sandalwood audience to come out of the movie hall cribbing. Director fails to utilize both the actors, there is no grip in MangaLa’s characters apart from money lending & giving it back. Yogi’s does a commendable job with his role; his dialogue delivery has reached a pinnacle. Music by Anoop is the positive aspect. Finally director, apart from the narration & dialogues, there is nothing else to be spoken about. The industry will never grow till such egos exist.




13 Jan 2012

Friday the 13th - 1

“Jason who?” I asked my wife who went on blabbering about some guy killing students who were camping.

“Those students from that part of the world are the dumbest. Every damn movie has the same tale, 5 of them go camping, 2 are couples & they start making out after coming out of group, & get killed one by one. Last one survives & kills the murderer. Finally a year later, killer comes back again & says “I know what you did”, I laughed hard.

Janwi wasn’t happy. She still insisted there was something called “Friday the 13th Jinx”. I wouldn’t believe. I mean my work would never allow me to get into such superstitions. 30 years in the Police department with two promotions, too many transfers, two CM medals – I was termed a “nut-case” in the department. I was like aNNavru in “Parashurama” movie; work came first. You can see my badge for my name; Purushotham.T.L & T.L certainly doesn’t mean tube light.

My wife & I are married for quite sometime now. Not sure how many years. See, men come into the world with memory loss, & that’s the best thing for the ladies to bank on. What is the fun without “Darling, remember what day it is today?” sort of question from your girl & that confused look on your face making her upset, & then you making up with ….“Puru, they are calling you over the wireless. Why don’t you keep this thing with you? Such a headache”, mumbled wifey.

“Able NR answering”

“Control to Able NR sir, there has been an accident near CCH College. The deceased died on spot & body has been shifted to RK hospital. Just for your information. Authorities are yet to recognize the body”


“So another accident is it? No one is safe these days. I told you Friday the 13th isn’t safe either”, Janwi was used listening to such news by now.

“I am going to RK hospital”, I was not in a mood to listen to the jinx all over again.

Jeep driver had dozed off while reading “Sudha”. I wonder how men read magazines like “Sudha”. Isn’t that too feminine? & what do you get reading that? Instead one could buy more newspapers, I thought.

“Sir, that dead person is aged 35-40. & I think death happened around 5am”, driver gave me some more info.

5am? What vehicle was this guy riding?” I asked

“Sirr, this is hit & run, with the clothes he was wearing mostly he’d come jogging. Also we did not find any vehicle near the body”, & we had reached RK hospital. “Lets just put a B report & close off the case”, driver had his own suggestion.

My cold stare was enough for him to shut-up. Everyone has suggestions, I repeat everyone. But when it comes to their work they go looking for advice. Ha, this is the case with these agony aunts as well. I am sure they are the first people who run to the counseling centers. I reached the postmortem room to be welcomed by my staff with the salute.

“Sahebre, post-motum over. He dead 5:30am. Vehicle fast come hit. Body picked to wife”, Madevu gasped for breath. Pot-bellied, gutka mouthed, hardly knowing any English, yeah that was him. I signaled him to stop.

I saw the body. Height 6’1. Weight 90+. Well-built. Wheatish or godhi complexion. Somewhere in mid 30s. Right hand smudged due to the impact, right leg hurt, a deep cut on his head, face as neat as it could be. My thoughts were disturbed by a wailing lady. She was cursing lord.

“Sahebra his mrs”, Madevu was sad too.

“What all have you collected from the accident spot”, I asked.

~~~~ Wait is not too far

11 Jan 2012

Vote Of Thanks!

Well Well, this place sure looks dusty & cobwebs!! Hello dear readers, how have you been? How is the New Year treating you? Thank you for all the concerns over the mails, yours truly is doing very well, & obviously is hail & healthy.

Every time mother hands over my jathaka to any astrologer the first thing they come up with is “she will live 100 years”, so yeah you have to tolerate me for that long. Coming back to why I vanished, last post I did mention, about the Annual Day celebrations at work.

Over a month, meetings, schedules, emails, phone calls happened; apprehensions, anxiousness were part of life. There was no plan B, & plan A looked very hazy. Every holiday was given a skip; Pati’s birthday was sobered down et el for the smooth execution of the event. & what happened on Jan 7th 2012 will be etched in bright colors.

Our VP wrote & I quote “The 14th Annual Day Celebrations of SPI was a spectacular success and I’d like to thank each of you for the energy and enthusiasm that you brought to the event. I’d like to personally thank each of you for all the extra hours spent the great ideas in the build-up to the event and the seamless coordination that made SPIStars the most memorable event of the year.”

A lot of thank you has already happened over the mails, but I had to put it here, so that few years down the line, the mails might be gone but this post will stay.

To begin with it was Rachna who managed to handle every communication related aspect of the pre-event itself, then people who were sportive enough to pose for the posters – Abijith, Ankith, Appanna, Harikumar, Parineeta & Vishal. Not to forget
Shruti & Shravati, putting across these posters at all strategic spots of SPIcity. Praveen & Pavan for helping in the Melodic Contest & making it a grand success thereby helping us introduce the concept of External Performers – Srinivas D & Chaithra H G.
Reni a.k.a Reni Dayal, who has been a backbone of the event, making sure panic situations were addressed at ease.
Praveen & Manju making sure the auditions went smooth; judgment wasn’t biased, announcing results, assisting with stage rehearsals & making sure all the cultural aspects were colorful.
Prasad, Divyashree & Kamala maam for being the judges, Sairaj sir for making sure the invites went to right people in right numbers.
Sujata for coordinating with awards, awardees & the MC, Sujay, Pradeep & Ravibabu at the entry of the venue keeping count & a strict vigil over miscreants. Naveedh Aslam, taking care of the snacks; Revathi & Arpana welcoming the external guests & taking care of them. All the GDMs, Senior PMs who took care of food counters along with Tanmoy, Hemanth, Shruthi, Shilpa, Pavithra, Sanjay, Rekha
Aby for the job backstage, so apt for the role. Teju & Harris for taking care of navigating execs on stage & back.
Vathsa for all the financial aspects, Melwin for all the matured decisions, my heart felt thanks.

Big cheer to all the execs for the amount of time you spent on rehearsals in spite of busy schedules, & Shridhar MS for making them learn the moves rather quick & in a simple way. This was the lovely highlight of the night. We all loved your performances. Participants, without your practice, hard-work, and the stage would look very dull, so thank you, it was nice knowing you all. The amount of freshness you add is immense.

Mr. Srinivas from Vani press for printing lovely invite in a very short notice, Feroz & Sajid from Dream Merchants, the event management team, RS Graphics for the creative, Lakshman & Rishi, from Silent Shores for the venue & tasty food.

Srinivas D for the awesome melody on stage, it was dream come true listening to him begin the event with an awesome Kannada number “Kushale Kshemave”, Chaitra HG who enthralled the audience with “Huduga Huduga”, Manikandan & Francis for the lovely band, every one that I know only had praises for this external event.

GK for letting us know during initial hiccups that he was with us completely. Shirley, Krishnan & Srini, thank you loads for every thing, more than the outcome of the event, working with you all has been the most wonderful experience to me.